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Subscription Box FAQ

Why our subscription boxes 

  • Science—Students work with the central concepts of hypothesis formation, experimentation, and analysis.
  • Mathematics—Students focus on problem solving and logic.
  • English—Students analyze how texts create meaning at the level of the word, the phrase, the sentence, and the paragraph or verse so that they can apply these strategies in their own original arguments.
  • History—Students evaluate theses presented by a spectrum of scholars to ultimately formulate their own.
  • If you are new to sewing or are someone who struggles to match and co-ordinate fabrics, we have this covered  and have      carefully matched gorgeous fabric we know you will love. 
  • We only use good quality fabric in all our boxes giving you the knowledge that what you make will be useful to you or         a lovely gift to a loved one. 
  • You can build your Fabric, Haberdashery and thread stash easily 
  • With no long term commitment or contract you can start and stop your sewing subscription box at any time.
  • Every box has either a pattern (either crated by us or one from our pattern suppliers) or a pattern Suggestion Sheet. the        fabric we will have choose to suit your pattern or suggestion so you know its going to sew lovely. 

How It Works 

If you are not sure how Subscriptrion Boxes work then its all here for you and its fairly straight forward. 

  • Choose your Subscription box and add to cart and follow the checkout process (Unfortunately you wont be able to purchase other products at the same time as your box due to the recurring payment set on your subscription) 
    If you want to manage your Subscriptions online then we suggest you create an account before making your Subscription purchase. 
  • We will then get on with getting your box ready and you will get an email to say when its on its way.
  • Enjoy your new fabrics and haberdashery and share with us what you make in the group for Subscribers 
  • Your next box will be billed on the day you join the following months and you will be able to enjoy your new found love for sewing and crafting each month. 


Cancellation is easy! If you want to cancel, simply sign in to your online account if you have one, and click on 'manage subscription'. Bear in mind that cancelling your subscription only applies to future boxes, so if your payment/box has already processed that day then you won't be able to cancel it by cancelling in your online account. If you don't have an online account, you can also email us to let us know you want to cancel. We aim to fulfill cancellation requests within 1 working day. We cannot cancel boxes that have already had payments processed, but otherwise we have no cancellation period or notice required. 

What to do if my box hasn't arrived?

If your box has not arrived within 10 working days from receiving you dispatch email the please let us know. Parcels don't go missing but there can be at rare occasion when this may happen 

What to if I dont like whats in the box?

Every care is taken to include quality items that I think you will like, but there are times where the fabric option just isn’t to your taste. Unfortunately due to the nature of the company we cannot offer replacements or accept returns at this time unless the product is in someway damaged. However, some suggestions I have for you include: Gift the fabric to someone else Make something for a loved one Use the fabric to practice a new pattern or techniques In the future. If there is a damaged product in your box please contact me at and I will take it from there.

Can I give a subscripton as a gift?

Yes of course! Simply add the recipients address as the delivery/Shopping address, if you wish for a note to be added to the first box - please just email us after you have placed the order. PLEASE NOTE - the subscription will be billed you and will continue to be billed until you cancel the subscription. 

If there is any other questions not mentioned here please feel free to contact us on

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  • Tel : 07713848334