HOW TO : Make Reusable Cleansing/Make-up Pads - backup

HOW TO : Make Reusable Cleansing/Make-up Pads - backup




What do you think of Reuse and Recycle.


We as a family have been trying to do our bit for the environment for the last 10 years, but even i was still shocked by the fact that 50% of Face Wipes/Make up Wipes are still not Biodegradable. 

Then there is cotton pads which are also not good for the as they take a long time to decompose and use 20,000 litres of water just to make 15-20 packs of cotton pads and then we use then once and throw away. 

This is why i decided to make reusable cotton pads, not only did it reduce cost but also helps towards the environment, now don't get me wrong i know i wont save the world just me but if we all try to change just one thing it all helps.

Beauty Experts say reusable cloth can be less abrasive on the skin and is less likely to cause irritation to more sensitive skin types and around the eye area. 

So why not try Reusable and washable alternative. Reusable makeup remover pads are really easy to make and are a great scrap busting project. 




I would recommend using Bamboo Towelling to back your reusable cotton Wipes.

What you Need:

Cotton Fabric - Quantity depends on how many you wish to make you will need 4.5Inch square per wipe. I used half a metre as I made 4 sets.

Bamboo Fabric - This again needs to be the same amount as the cotton to make sure you have a back for each wipe. 


Pins - I used flower Head Pins 

I used the lovely Birds of Paradise collection 

important Bit

Pre- wash both your fabric's as you would wash and dry them regularly. Please don't miss this step as you may end up with smaller/Mis shaped wipes.

Press and Cut your fabric's 

One 4.5 x 4.5 inch Square of cotton 

one 4.5 x 4.5 inch square of Bamboo Towelling 


                              Reusable Wipe Step 1

 * Take 1 square of Cotton and 1 square of Bamboo and place RST (Right          Sides Together) and pin. 


                              Reusable Face Wipe 2

 * Sew around all 4 sides with 1/4 inch seam allowance, but leaving a gap on     one side to turn through. 

                              Reusable Face Wipe 3

 * Clip all four corners on the diagonal, whist making sure not to clip your stitching. 


                              Reusable Face wipe 4


 * Turn through the gap you left and poke out the corners with a Pointer, whist being careful not to push to hard and damaged your seams. 

 * Press and then you can either hand sew with a Ladder stich or top sew all the way round. 


... And then you done 


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